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The Qi beauty Home Kit includes the clinically tested 12-point Face Map containing a 3-month supply of the Qi beauty gold-plated micro-magnets along with instructions showing you how to activate your Qi. The Home Kit is also capable of assisting in the correction of extraordinary conditions using adaptation methods practiced by Qi beauty trained practitioners.


The Home Kit is much like a mask, applied to the surface to activate movement beneath the surface of skin. The activation of the mask will stimulate activity, encouraging natural oils and anti-aging compounds to move upwards to the surface.


Use the Home Kit one of two ways - it can be used as an overnight treatment that will leave you with smooth, fresh and clear skin when you wake, or use it as an express treatment (on the face for 2-4 hours) to left, define and hydrate.


The ultimate DIY anti-aging treatment, ONE treatment costs less than $2. Each Home Kit contains around 50 treatments and lasts 3 months following the Qi beauty Face Map and instructions. Age control and skin health is easy with the disposable Home Kit system.


To determine the effects of the Qi beauty stimulating Home Kit, Southport Thermal Imaging (Australia) used their advanced thermal imaging unit to detect and measure alterations around the face to compare images before and after patch application. Monday morning at 8am thermal images were taken of our model (see before).


That night, Qi beauty magnetic patches were applied to acupuncture points using the Qi beauty face map contained in the kit as a guide. Twelve stimulating patches were worn for the first time. The acupuncture points interconnected to activate deep circulation and intense hydration. The next morning at 8am thermal images of the face were recorded. The results were conclusive. The thermal images show increased circulation after only one application! Increased colours red and yellow indicate an increase in blood supply and local tissue temperature. Because these acupuncture points interconnect, the entire face is stimulated, causing facial tissue to promote volume, skin tightening, lift and definition.

Standard Magnetic Warning: Do not use magnets or magnetic therapy if using a pacemaker, implanted medical device or insulin pump, as they may interfere with the delicate electronic equipment. Magnetic products are not recommended with transdermal patches or during pregnancy.

Qi Beauty Home Kit

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