Facial Cupping is meant to increase blood flow, promote cell repair and push toxins through the lymphatic system, among others.

The vacuum-like suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup which floods the area with white blood cells, platelets, and other healing aids.

At Skinprovement, we offer high-quality glass facial massage cups which are an excellent choice for your facial cupping needs. Cup reservoirs are hand-made of medical glass, cylinders to create a vacuum are made of PVC plastisol which is hypo-allergenic. Our Kit includes 2 sizes.
◽️Brightens your skin
◽️Minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles
◽️Tones your chin, jaw line and neck
◽️Reduces puffiness
◽️Increases oxygen-rich blood circulation
◽️ Pushes toxins through the lymphatic system
◽️ Stimulates cells responsible for collagen induction
◽️ Improve nutrient delivery and product absorption
◽️ Relaxes muscle tension

Safety Information
Using cups with minimal suction and keeping the cups moving rather than staying in one spot will decrease the risk of cupping marks.  Do not occlude or glide over arteries. Not recommended for individuals on blood thinners, bleeding disorders, bruises easily or history of Deep Vein Thrombosis or Blood Clots. Self Cupping is not recommended for anyone that currently has any body part that is desensitized or with decreased sensation. Not Recommended if Pregnant. Should not be used on open wounds or skin blemishes.  If you have a condition you are not sure if cupping is appropriate for or have any doubt, check with your physician first. Keep out of reach of children. It is strongly encouraged to learn about cupping prior to performing cupping. Not recommended for anyone with active cancer.  Anyone that has had chemo for previous cancer should receive cupping treatments from professional cupping healthcare provider trained in cancer cupping. All advanced cupping treatments should be performed by Healthcare Trained Cupping Professionals. Our cups are not designed to be used for fire cupping or for bloodletting. Cups may leave discoloration marks where the cups were placed on the body.  Depending on your body’s ability to flush and filter, the marks be be present for a few minutes up to a few weeks.

Facial Cupping Kit


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